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What you should expect from a leasing agent

A leasing agent is hired by property owners to provide expertise and guidance through the often scary task of finding great and reliable tenants. It is important when selecting an agent that you are able to communicate effectively and feel assured through the process that the agent is providing the due diligence that your property deserves. Unless you have […]

Mandatory form for new leases

After doing some research I was stunned by how many landlords and even property managers are not following the law. Not only is this form not given to the new tenants, most owners were not aware of this law. This form is very simple and can save you disputes with the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Information for New Tenants is […]

Working with a leasing specialist could provide you increased property cash flow

As any “expert” does, we specialize in our service. A leasing service focuses strictly on providing quality tenants and maximum rental income. Here is a short list of benefits our service offers:

1) We know the demand
As leasing specialists we are talking to tenants constantly. Collecting information on the present-day needs of renters and the trends that they are currently […]