As any “expert” does, we specialize in our service. A leasing service focuses strictly on providing quality tenants and maximum rental income. Here is a short list of benefits our service offers:

1) We know the demand
As leasing specialists we are talking to tenants constantly. Collecting information on the present-day needs of renters and the trends that they are currently following. We analyze the market and customize each property listing.

2) We provide thorough pre-listing inspections
This can be valuable to adding market value and appeal to a property. We are trained to look for inexpensive ways to ensure that your property shows its best. During the pre-listing walk through we document the condition of the property and offer this feedback to the owner and/or property manager. During this process we problem solve to correct issues that may be restricting the property from maximum profits.

3) We work along-side property managers
Property Managers are an important asset to keep your property in great working order. A leasing specialist can offer additional support. Allowing property managers to focus on maintaining the property while we place quality tenants.

4) Our focus is ONLY on marketing and securing quality tenants
Response time is of great importance when marketing a rental. Quality tenants expect a prompt respond to their inquiry regarding a property or they move on to another. A leasing specialist is prepared for the calls and our only focus is renting the property.

5) Screening the potential tenant is a MUST
We have all heard many stories of property owners who did not complete a credit check or were mislead by false information on the application, which created a devastating lose of cash flow. Leasing agents already have a great system in place to properly screen tenants. Most will offer a “tenant placement guarantee”.

Here is a recent example of a property manager that contracted Key Leasing Services to fill an apartment building and benefited from the specialized service.

Once units were inspected, we created a check list for the superintendent and property manager to use as a communication tool for move outs. This assisted in establishing a system for contracting repairs. Creating organization and expectations, we were able to show the units quicker and in sparkling condition; receiving several quality applications.

Property Manager also wanted to increase the rents and attract higher quality tenants. These units were very old and in need of some TLC. We suggested a few updates to the bathroom; not a tear out, but an aesthetic tune up and simple hardware changes in the kitchen. Ceiling fans and lights were changed with inexpensive but modern looking fixtures. These changes allowed the owner to receive higher rents’ and attract quality tenants that would continue to maintain a good reputation for the building.

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Crystal Ross
Key Leasing Services

We have developed a proven system that attracts quality tenants. Finding and retaining a quality tenant can be the key to a successful and hassle free investment property.

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